A Collection of Rotaism

Any news?
You never know!
Bill Chen: "In China, sometimes we say you are probably right by which we mean you are absolutely wrong".
Gian-Carlo Rota: "I say, that's very interesting".
He is powerful, because he has jobs.
"You should make friends with those people."
"Just smile, and go to talk to them".
I am going to the meeting just to make friends with some people. They referenced my papers in the early days.
Don't fight with success.
You should only listen to advice that you do not have to follow.
Everyone has his own craziness.
Democracy doesn't work.
Learning is not like watching TV.
But I have to vent my anger.
I will never retire.
When he moved to his appartment in Cambridge, he said, I will move only one more time (by which he meant the very last time).
When asked about whom to invite to speak at a conference, he replied, ``This is not a good question. You should ask whom not to invite. ‘’
One should erase the black board from corner to corner.
They don't seem to get along well.
Dress up! Suit and tie!
You better use hardcover note books.
Always leave ample margin!
Don't write notes on a piece of paper.
You cannot translate, you have to rewrite.
Language is etiquette.
Don't try anything that is impossible.
Don't worry about something that is really going well with you.